Flower Delivery & Flower Shops in Lao & Thailand

Welcome to our home of Red Teddy Bear & Friends. We are a group of florist that operate many flower shops in Laos and Thailand. We can delivery flowers throughout Thailand and Vientiane and Luang Prabang province in Lao. Red Teddy Bear & Friends are consistently chosen as the preferred provider of flower services for the finest resort hotels in both Lao and Thailand, event management companies, corporate event planners, wedding & social event professionals and non-profit event organizers. Here is our online shop in Lao that call Lao Flowers = http://www.laosflower.com. Here are our online flower shops in Bangkok Thailand Send Flowers Bangkokhttp://www.sendflowerbangkok.com & Send Flower Thailand = http://www.sendflowerthailand.com. We hope you enjoy visiting our shops and take care. Have a good day : )

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